Hire a Lanzarote Photographer and capture the stunning locations which are located in the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. As far as landscapes are concerned, Lanzarote looks a little like the planet Mars blended with the Mediterranean Coast. It’s barren and rocky scenery is so shocking at first glimpse it actually takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the lack of green.

Visit the local tourist attraction the Timanfaya National Park, charming Puerto del Carmen Old Town or El Golfo.

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Suggested top 3 locations

  • Timanfaya National Park

    The Timanfaya National Park is home to the famous Montanas del Fuego (Fire Mountains). It is landscape seems as though it belongs on the moon; the result of volcanic eruptions from as recently as 300 years ago. Lava and magma have created a scene straight out of science fiction.

  • El Golfo

    Located to the southwest of the island, the El Golfo region is famous for the unusual green lagoon that sits on its volcanic black beach. The lagoon is such a unique color due to the high amount of green algae that lives underneath the water.

  • Puerto del Carmen Old Town

    Puerto del Carmen is split into two main areas – the Old Town which is based around the original fishing village and harbor of La Tiñosa and the New Town

Secret location

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secret location
secret location

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