How many people can participate in my photo shoot?

There is no limit to the number of participants for  a  TPE shoot, but we recommend the ideal size for each package and suggest no more than 10 people for a 4 hour shoot.

Where do I meet my photographer and how will I recognise them?

A clear meeting point will be arranged prior to the date of the shoot. All TPE photographers will have a The Photo Experience I.D card.

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

We recommend you book 4 weeks in advance to secure your preferred booking date and time.

How do I receive the final photos?

Your images will be sent via email, with a private viewing gallery.

Once I pay for the shoot are there any additional fees to pay?

Please refer to ‘additional fees’ on terms and conditions page.

Do the prices vary depending on destinations?

All our prices are set the same for all destinations.

Can you shoot for a wedding?

Yes, please email Info@thephotoexperiences.com with your request and location and any other important details.

I don’t see my chosen destination on your list, what should I do?

We’re constantly adding new locations, so if you do not see the destination of your choice please email us as we may still have a photographer available at that location.

Can I purchase additional photos after the shoot?

Yes, we will send a secure link to purchase additional images and prints.

Can I contact the photographer before the shoot starts?

Yes, there will be correspondence between you both before the shoot starts.

What if I am running late?

If you are running late you will need to let The Photo Experience and photographer know ASAP.
If you are more than 15 minutes late, an additional fee may be chargeable.

Who owns the copyright from the photos from the shoot?

Shared copyright between The Photo Experience and the client.

Can I change my outfits and make-up during the shoot?

Yes, you can change your outfits if desired, but we suggest you bring outfits that allow for quick changes. Please also consider the package you have booked, for example if you wish to have numerous outfit changes you may need to book a longer package. Equally we do not recommend whole make-up changes but quick touch-ups are fine.

When will I receive the final edited photos?

You will receive the final images within 14 days of the shoot.

What happens if I can`t make the photo shoot?

Please refer to ‘cancellations and reschedule’ on our terms and conditions page.

What happens if it’s raining on the day of my shoot?

Payment is not refundable because of bad weather, however we will try to rearrange (with no guarantee)

What if my photographer can not make the shoot?

Please refer to ‘delivery’ and ‘covid-19’ on our terms and conditions page.

Can I request a female or male photographer?

We can try to accommodate a request for a male or female photographer, but ultimately it depends on availability for your chosen date and time.

I don’t have any modelling skills. Will a photographer direct me?

Our photographers will guide and direct you through the shoot to ensure the best pictures. The Photo Experience can also send out a shooting guide before the shoot starts.

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