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Playa del Carmen is booming. Its perfect location and the ideal balance of resort life and Mexican city strike families, honeymooners, and bachelor parties. Take a nap in a beach hammock and then experience it in the heart of the Riviera Maya nightlife. Switch off your mobile phone and hire a professional photographer Playa Del Carmen to snap your cherishable moments with your loved ones while letting you have fun.

Best spots to visit and photoshoot with Playa Del Carmen photographer

Located in a small town on the Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen is known for its lazy sunny days and vibrant nights of dancing and clubbing. Once a sleepy fishing village, it now has a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere that welcomes people worldwide. The world's playa trends and rapid growth have become hot destinations for all travelers looking for the sun and fun. They are trendy, accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone. Here are the few best photography locations that Playa del Carmen photographers recommend for your next family trip. La Quinta Avenida is arguably the number one fascination in Playa del Carmen. Therefore, be ready that it can be jam-packed during peak seasons and weekends. Emerald points are popular with the locals. Shallow cenote offers a tranquil coastal pool and soft white sandy beaches. If you want to enjoy this beauty, try to arrive before 9 am, and don't forget to hire a photographer to catch your joyful moments. Our next recommendation is the infamous Fifth Avenue is full of stalls, shops, and restaurants. Get off the main road for a while to take colorful murals and have some nice clicks by a skilled photographer.

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Fun things to do in Playa del Carmen

Mexico is not one of our favorite travel destinations, but it is undeniable that there is a lot to do in and around Playa del Carmen. If you want to go out and explore, photography opportunities are almost endless.
Playa del Carmen has several beautiful beaches facing the Caribbean, so it's worth investing an afternoon in beach clubs if you want to get the most out of your time.
Even if you come to Playa del Carmen, a day trip to Cozumel is easy (and worth it). You can see the Cozumel skyline directly from the coast of Playa del Carmen.
It is highly recommended that every visitor hire a personal photographer while planning to visit Playa del Carmen. Not only is the beach beautiful, but Playa del Carmen has a lot to do all the time. The main pedestrian road parallel to the sea is Fifth Avenue or "Avenida Quinta." The streets are always vibrant and are a great place to take a photo of your new Facebook photo or add it to your vacation photo. It spans about 20 blocks and gives you lots of chances to take great pictures of things like a playa and what's happening here by hiring a native photographer.

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