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Tenerife is the perfect place to satisfy your holiday spirit with a bit of sun and fun. Its tropical forests, spectacular hiking, lava caves, and modern museums appeal to this place. Sun worshippers and adventure enthusiasts will find their bliss at Tenerife. Don’t ever miss to capture your memories by hiring a professional Tenerife photographer.

Hire a professional photographer for Tenerife photography

Hire photographers in Tenerife with TPE to make memories of this place that will forever stay with you. Our experienced photographer will capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots in your favourite style. They have the expertise to capture your fantastic picture of the beautiful beaches, lush laurel forests in the high mountains, remarkable architecture, endlessly winding roads, deep valleys, and rugged cliffs.
Iconic spots in Tenerife
There is much more to explore than only enjoying the resorts, so visit the smaller towns in a rental car. Do not rely on a google map only, as it will lead you to the shortest and easiest route. This way, you may miss a bit longer, more beautiful way to your destination, giving you numerous opportunities to take great photos.
There is a long list of spots worth visiting on Tenerife island, but here are a few to mention that will make your visit memorable.
Auditorio de Tenerife “Adán Martín”
This masterpiece of modern architecture will welcome you when you reach this island by ferry, as it is situated right next to the harbor. This unique building is a superb assemblage of different shapes, making it very attractive for photography. The white color tiles evoke the feel of the Sydney opera building, and the great arch symbolizes the tsunami wave bringing culture to the Canary Islands. The old castle called Castillo de San Juan Bautista is adjacent to this building, and you can frame both the monuments in your background.
Teresitas beach
This beach, located a few kilometers north of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the perfect place for the flyover photos taken from the nearby viewpoint, i.e., Mirador Las Teresitas. You can take photographs at any time at this beach as it looks great.
Masca valley
The village Macsa is located in a narrow valley in the Teno massif northwest of Tenerife. Being at this place will make you feel like you are an adventurer in some movie. You can wander in the village and enjoy the beautiful light at sunset.

Secret location

Do you want to leave your location in the hands of our creative team? Want to experience a new and unique Tenerife Location?
The Photo Experience Tenerife Photographer will pick a Secret location for your shoot that is best suited to your style of the shoot you require.
secret location
secret location

Fun things to do in Tenerife

Being the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, Tenerife is a popular European destination surrounded by azure water and sandy beaches. It is also the most populated island of the archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean for photographers and tourists.
If you have worked hard to manage a trip to this beautiful place, you should record your memories with a professional Tenerife photographer. To make a collection that will stand out in your gallery, you need someone who knows the best equipment, manages the lighting, chooses locations, and guides you with clothing tips, make-up, etc. that adds to make the kinds of photos you want to make, share and keep forever.

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